I‘m ready to hear your story about what you’d like to change.

We all need support & tools to create a better life.

Body + Heart + Spirit = Purposeful Living

Learn to be more aware of your body experience and how it relates to your emotions. How does enhanced physical awareness offer an opportunity to gain insight into your emotional life? 

The body is a manifestation of the unconscious mind. We work with awareness of the body experience to deepen your ability to hear your body speak its mind.

We explore boundaries on the physical as well as the energetic level. Work with boundaries as they relate to personal authenticity, to space, and intimacy with others.

Investigate your deepest held beliefs which give your life meaning and the resources they present you.


Intimate partnerships, family, co -workers, housemates, friends, and others.

Self Esteem

Continual self-criticism, overwhelm by criticism from others, challenges believing in your

Loss & Grief

Death of a loved one, job loss, divorce, death of a pet, and other losses.

Spiritual Issues

Faith crisis, loss of ideals, inability to maintain spiritual/religious life model.


Due to work, relationships, family, political and societal events.


Chronic health challenges, changing abilities, and learning how to support your changing body.

You should know…

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