My Master’s degree is in Body Psychology, the integration of body and mind. The term body-mind is a good description of your psychological reality, the body and mind are one. Part of my therapeutic approach working with you is based in mindfulness. Working with mindfulness, body-mind awareness, you discover what’s going on within.
Mindfulness includes insight into psychology, our emotions, understanding, behavior and motivations. Buddhism, the source of mindfulness, and psychology are parallel and overlap in many ways. In mindfulness experience you find potential for transformation, healing, and meaning. Sanity is understood to be your inherent nature in Buddhist thought. Sanity is who you already are, when you relax, that’s what you experience. When you stop trying to be somebody else, it’s already there. Wholeness is found more from uncovering than developing… and mindfulness is a great tool for uncovering.

Are you looking for mindful solutions to your life? I’d be honored to support you in connecting with your body-mind in new ways.