Meet Andrew

Andrew Zeiler

If you feel stuck, isolated, and want to break old patterns. If you’re struggling with loss or big changes in your life you can benefit from Body, Heart and Spirit Counseling.

Counseling requires a good partnership between therapist and client. I offer you that partnership with Body, Heart, and Spirit.

Go into yourself and see how deep the place is from which your life flows.  ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Body, Heart, and Spirit Counseling specializes in:

  • Relationship difficulties: intimate partnership, family, work, and community.
  • Loss issues: death, job loss, divorce, and change that comes from loss.
  • Clarity for what you want, and how you want to be in your life.

All aspects of your life are welcomed in Body, Heart, and Spirit Counseling. You gain a new perspective as you experience the integration of your physical and emotional life. I’ve worked with individuals going through divorce, grief, dealing with addiction, the stress of intense educational programs. I’ve practiced in the wilderness, in big cities, and smaller towns. This variety of experience means you will be understood with Body, Heart, and Spirit Counseling.

My philosophy

Body, Heart, and Spirit Counseling assists you in healing and change through:

  • enhanced awareness
  • body experience
  • heartfelt emotions
  • a sense of a greater connection

You enhance your effectiveness and improve your ability to accomplish what you want in life, when you look at the concerns interfering with your power and clarity. Don’t continue putting off your optimal effectiveness.

My Résumé


Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado

M.A. Body Psychology, The Naropa Institute

Complete 200 hour training, Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP)

Introductory training, Hakomi Integrative Somatics

Hakomi: Grounding the Transpersonal (3 graduate hours)

Hospice training – Hospice of Boulder County

Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

Certified Massage Therapist, Boulder School of Massage Therapy

B.A. English Literature, San Francisco State College

“Seeds grow in the dark—so do we. Let’s stop making such a virtue out of the light and turn toward what’s in the shadows and breathe it in, breathe it here meeting it face-to-face until we realize with more than mind that what we are seeing is none other than us in endarkened disguise Seeds grow in the dark—so do we. Let’s not be blinded by light let’s unwrap the night building a faith too deep to be spoken a recognition too central to be broken until even the darkest of days can light our way”

― Robert Augustus Masters

Impactful Experiences

Community mental health
Wilderness therapy
Crisis team
Hospice Chaplain and volunteer
Grief and loss specialist
Addiction recovery
Certified Leader, Dances of Universal Peace

Installed low impact wilderness campsites for the Sierra Club

Technical rock climbing, 20 years

Mountain and canyon hiking and backpacking, 40+ years

Developed activities and exercises integrating somatic awareness with nature sensitivity

Led adolescent Vision Quests

Solo wilderness fasts and vigils

Shared music for over 40+ years with guitar, song and dance leading

Lived in Colorado mountains at 9200’ with rustic facilities for 15 years

I Enjoy Life!

My Journey to La Plata County

I was born in Los Angeles and lived in California until age 20. I went to San Francisco State College in 1967-68 and enjoyed the music in San Francisco at the time. I started playing guitar and singing at 16 years old and I still play.

I moved to Colorado in 1968 and worked as a carpenter for 20 years. I spent many years as a technical rock climber in Colorado.

I went to the night program at the Boulder School of Massage Therapy. As a massage therapist I became fascinated with the emotional aspects of bodywork and learned about body-centered therapy.

Three years after I graduated from BSMT I entered The Naropa Institute in the Body Psychology program and earned my M.A. in Body Psychology.
I worked for the mental health crisis team in Boulder County for a year and the Mental Health Center of Denver for 7 years while I had a private practice in Boulder.

I have been strongly connected to the natural world for a long time and I went to Utah to work in wilderness therapy for 2 years. Sitting on the slickrock one early morning watching the first light strike the rock I laughingly told myself, “another day at the office.”

Music and movement have been powerful for me through the Dances of Universal Peace.

My wife and I moved to La Plata County in August 2006. Since 2008 I’ve had a body-centered psychotherapy practice in Durango.

I’d be pleased to meet you and talk about that work and my passion for it.

“When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty, but when I have finished,
if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong.”

~ R. Buckminster Fuller